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The Impact of 3-D printing on Supply Chains

Presently, 3-D printing is having a small effect on distribution, but in the future it could put a serious dent in the supply chain.

The First 5 Material Liquid Cooled 3D Printer

The most unique feature is the ability to print in 5 different colors or materials in a single print, without doing any manual color swapping.


From Tilman Griesel's posts on DIY Drones: Open source project to make FPV(first person view) with the raspberry pi easy to use for every one. OpenFPV is a project that us

HEXO+ and their wildly successful Kickstarter project

It’s a drone with an intelligent system that allows anyone to program it and have it either track a subject or follow planned scenarios.

5 Robotics Related Kickstarters And One Funded Product Available Now

We're always looking for new companies and products to spark the imagination of our readers. Crowd funding is a great place to look. Here are a few we think you will enjoy learning about.

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From JIBO's Indiegogo campaign:

Friendly, helpful and intelligent. From social robotics pioneer Dr. Cynthia Breazeal.

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Beyond GPS: 5 Next-Generation Technologies for Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT)

Penny-sized inertial sensors, pulsed lasers and tracked lightning strikes are among novel approaches to provide precise location-based insights in GPS-denied areas

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Enters Decentralized Drive Market With the PowerGate 66 / IP66 NEMA 4 Decentralized Drive

The PowerGate 66 drive is especially suitable for applications that require precise motor speed control.

ROSS CONTROLS® Introduces New MD3TM Modular Filter, Regulator and Lubricator Line

These products offer flexibility and broader application abilities

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Imt - Ctx & Ctx-ii - Ultra Compact Sd Cofdm Concealment Transmitters

Imt - Ctx & Ctx-ii - Ultra Compact Sd Cofdm Concealment Transmitters

The IMT family of Concealment Transmitters are ultra-small, low power, SD, COFDM, video/audio transmitters with standard selectable modulation bandwidths of 6, 7 and 8 MHz. They feature H.264 SD encoding and operates in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode. The Concealment Transmitters are specifically designed to be integrated into a system featuring a 10 pin standard Molex interface connector that is ideal for rapid integration. Its low power consumption makes them ideal for integration with cameras into very small concealments. The CTx is specifically designed to meet extremely low power requirements such as body worn belts and low ventilation concealments. The IMT Concealment Transmitters can be operated in 1.25MHz or 2.5MHz narrow bandwidth COFDM (NBCOFDM) modes (optional). - See more at:

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Allied Motion

Allied Motion

We design and manufacture advanced brushless motors, electronic drives/controllers, and encoding products for the robotics and electric vehicle markets in particular and generally for the Commercial, Industrial, and Aerospace and Defense industry sectors. Allied Motion brings added value to our customers' products through the motion solutions we offer.