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iRobot Unveils Its First Multi-Robot Tablet Controller for First Responders, Defense Forces and Industrial Customers

From iRobot: The uPoint MRC system runs an Android-based app that standardizes the control of any robot within the iRobot family of unmanned vehicles. Utilizing the same intuitive touchscreen technology in use today on millions of di

Integrated 2D Imaging Engine from Microscan Helps Improve Production Yield, Quality and Traceability at Each Step of the PCB Manufacturing Process

Case Study: Prodrive Technologies, The Netherlands

NASA’s Free Flying Robot Challenge

From NASA, Google's Project Tango, and Top Coders: Welcome to the NASA F

Robotics Design, Synthesis and Processing

The total process of building a robot is first to identify a need, then defining the problem that must be overcome to accomplish the need.

In Haptics, Machines Imitate Life

Enter the discipline of haptics, which involves using robotics with sophisticated feedback and controls to simulate a tactile experience for the user.

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Rockwell Automation to Host 23rd Annual Automation Fair Event in Anaheim

Event brings together thousands to experience the journey to The Connected Enterprise

Autodesk to Feature Spark Open Software Platform at MecklerMedia's Inside 3D Printing in Santa Clara- Get 10% OFF!

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New Piranha4 2k Quadlinear Line Scan Camera for Multispectral Imaging from Teledyne DALSA

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, today introduced its Piranha4 2k quadlinear line scan camera featuring red, green, and blue (RGB) outputs plus a Near Infrared (NIR) channel for multispectral imaging.

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Novotechnik - Vert-x 1300 Non-contacting Rotary Angle Sensors

Novotechnik - Vert-x 1300 Non-contacting Rotary Angle Sensors

Non-contact rotary sensors measure just 13 x 20 mm. Novotechnik's non-contacting technology eliminates the need for a resistance track and wiper to provide longer life. This technology Utilizes a vertical Hall sensor with a unique cross-structure affixed to a silicon chip. Vert-X 1300 Series of sensors measure changes in the magnetic field as the shaft is turned to provide a 360° measurement range with 12-bit resolution. Designed for robotics, medical devices and scientific instrumentation where small size has to be combined with high precision, Vert-X 1300 Series sensors are available with a wide range of options including: analog, incremental, SPI, SSI, and PWM outputs; custom shaft designs; and customer specific cabling.

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Rethink Robotics

Rethink Robotics

Rethink Robotics is helping to define the future of human-machine interaction today, with robots that are safe, affordable and practical for manufacturing, production and R&D environments. Our revolutionary Baxter collaborative manufacturing robot provides cost-effective automation for a wide range of packaging and material handling tasks. And our Baxter Research Robot provides a humanoid robot platform with integrated sensors and an open software development kit, allowing academic and corporate researchers to create custom applications and drive future innovation.